Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Quick Life Update

I know I've been slacking on blogging lately, but hey, at least I've kept up on my weekly pregnancy updates.  For the most part, what's been going on in my life gets encompassed in my weekly pregnancy musings… so don't fret… you're not missing much outside of those entries.

BUT, for those of you who want a little more, here's a snippet of what else I've been up to lately…

{Yummy Beverages}

With Spring time and warm weather come cocktails!  Over the past few weeks, I've watched my family and friends throw back some delicious-looking beverages.  So, this past weekend, I took matters into my own hands… I quickly whipped up a pitcher of Crystal Light raspberry lemonade, tossed in some frozen fruit and filled up my stemless wine glasses… voia la!  A refreshing & a special drink for pregnant me (without crazy amounts of sugar or calories!)

{Yummy Food}

Ryan & I have been on a fresh/healthy kick for dinners lately (that's not to say I haven't been indulging in ice cream and chocolate post-meal).  We made an awesome salad to go along with Ryan's infamous salmon dish a few nights ago.  Who are we? We never make salad!  It was so fresh and delicious - we must do this more!

Ryan also whipped up a new concoction last night… we'll call it "The Ry Guy Bowl"… it has quinoa, steamed veggies, egg, avocado and a soy saucy drizzle dressing thingy… really scrumpscious!

{This happened}

I'm not that tired, but yes, this happened at last week's doctor's appointment… it was raining and I was without umbrella… what can I say? 

(Not gonna lie… I was kind of proud parking here and stepping out of the car with my belly sticking out :-)

{Blue Jackets}

For the 2nd time in franchise history, the Columbus Blue Jackets made the Stanley Cup playoffs!  Ryan & I scored tickets for Monday night's game (April 21st)!  We are going to the game with our friends Christine and Joey and are SO excited!  We have never been to a hockey playoff game - we heard it's a whole different "ball ice game."  Let's go Jackets!

{Wedding Excitement}

Did I mention that my brother is getting married this year??!? And did I mention how much I LOVE his fiancĂ©, Anissa?!? Seriously, she is AH-MAZE-ING!  I am getting so excited for the wedding festivities to commence!

And remember how my sister Aileen got engaged to the love of her life, Mr. Matt W?!  They are also hoping for a wedding later this year!  YAY!!!! I can't wait!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Week 25!

How far along: 25 weeks!

To give you a bit more perspective, I have been pregnant for ~175 days with ~105 days left to go (almost under the 100 day mark).  My brother and his fiancĂ© tried to give up alcohol for Lent and didn't last but a few days.  Here's to us pregnant women for being alcohol-free for a very long time!  It ain't easy folks!  But it's SOOOOO worth it!

Baby Size: 

Weight gain: Still up 15 pounds, but this belly is getting bigger every single day.

Symptoms: Starting to experience back and shoulder pain a bit more than usual

Movement:  Yes!  And the cutest thing happened this weekend.  Ryan and I were laying down with his hand on my belly and normally when I feel a kick I ask Ryan, "Did you feel that?" Ryan usually responds with, "Maybe… I'm not sure… it's hard to tell…"  Well as Ryan and I were laying together, Itty gave me a kick and before I even had the chance to ask Ryan if he felt he, Ryan jumps and goes, "Oh my God - was that Itty?!"  Yay for our baby kicking his daddy!

Maternity clothes: The dress above is non-maternity, but you better believe I'm living in maternity clothes these days.

Stretch marks: Negative, BUT I am noticing a faint linea negra below my belly button (yes, I had to Google that too)

What I miss: People not staring at me everywhere I go.  Some times I like the attention, but mostly I like to mind my own business and I wish others would too!

Food cravings: Nothing sounds good these days - I'm eating like a fiend, just wish I could make up my mind what I'm hungry for!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I still feel really good overall, but if I'm not getting enough water, I start to get a faint headache and/or tummy ache

Gender: Boy!  And what's hilarious is that at our ultrasound on Friday, Itty Bitty kept showing us his male parts… so much so that our nurse (who is the sweetest woman ever) said "Yes, sweetie, we seeeeee you're a boy!  You don't have to keep showing us." haha!

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out: Still in, but a bit stretched

Weddings rings on or off: On!

Mood: HAPPY!  As mentioned, we had our 25 week appointment (and a bonus ultrasound) on Friday.    Everything is looking FANTASTIC!  Itty is 2 pounds 2ounces (78th percentile) and has super long legs and chubby cheeks!  He was moving all over the place, which was so fun to watch, but surprising that I'm not feeling more movement.  He was sucking his thumbs again (so precious!)  Our due date is trending towards July 19th (a bit early), but from what I hear most firstborns stay in the womb longer/close to the due date.

Nursery - What else we've done to prepare: 

*Still haven't bit the bullet on a photographer - why is it so hard to make a decision?!
*Preregistered at the hospital we're giving birth at
*Signed up for an all day birthing class (includes hospital tour)
*Bought black out curtains for our bedroom and possibly Itty's bedroom
*Bought picture frames for Itty's bedroom
*Thought about lots of boy names
*Shopped for other nursery items - found an overhead lamp we'll be installing soon
*Cleaned up our registry (per my cousin Kristin's advice)

Workouts: Gym Monday with Ryan.  Trainer Tuesday, Wednesday Friday and Saturday.

Quick story - there's a lady at the gym where my trainer is who asked me how far along I am this weekend.  I told her about 25 weeks and she responds with "Ohhhh… you have a whiiiiiiiiiile."  Seriously lady?!  What pregnant woman wants to hear that?  If I had my wits about me I would've responded with, "I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!"  but I think I just walked away from her with a fake laugh.

Sleep: Waking up lots to use the restroom (our ultrasound confirmed Itty's head is snuggled up against my bladder).  I also have been waking up at 4:30-4:45 wide awake… hoping this stops!

Best moment this week: Our doctor's visit!  And, I had the 2nd of my 3 massages this weekend (a Ryan Christmas gift to me) - it was wonderful!

Looking forward to: Crossing some more items off our to do list and kicking back and enjoying this AMAZING weather we're having!

Thanks for all of the thoughts, prayers and love for our Itty Bitty one!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I am absolutely GIDDY about the fact that we get to see Itty Bitty tomorrow at our doctor's appointment!  I am bouncing all over the place today and smiling at everyone and anyone who passes me by.  I cannot wait to check in our baby!  I also keep welling up with tears because I'm so darn happy about being pregnant with our sweet little baby boy!  

Can you say pregnancy hormones high????